Using FreePPP 1.0.5 with System 7.1

(Note: this is part of my internet quick start guide)

In order to get past the "link access protocol error" that usually accompanies FreePPP 1.0.5 installations on System 7.1 Macs, you need to understand how FreePPP 1.0.5 works. (For some reason, Mac PPP 2.0.1 doesn't seem to work the same way FreePPP 1.0.5 does).

The FreePPP people are aware of the link access protocol error problem and it's addressed in their documentation. Their solution is to use Conflict Catcher or Now Utilities Startup Manager to force MacTCP to load first. While CC and Startup manager are both good to have, they do cost money. My solution is Free.

As the FreePPP 1.0.5 FAQ states, "The PPP extension does not load itself - it is loaded by MacTCP." But, when the System loads at startup, extensions are loaded before control panels. FreePPP 1.0.5 is an extension and MacTCP is a control panel (its a control panel that loads like an extension). I'm guessing that since FreePPP is an extension it appearantly tries to "load" before MacTCP and the link access protocol error occurs.

And now for the clever solution.......

Open the System Folder and put MacTCP in the Extensions folder and add a space or two in front of the name MacTCP

Drag PPP and ConfigPPP to the closed System Folder

Restart. Make an alias for MacTCP and put it into the Control Panels folder.

Configure MacTCP - See my internet quick start guide

Configure PPP - See my internet quick start guide


I have never gotten a link protocol error using this method. I tested this several times by deleting all PPP and TCP files and then reinstalling them. I even did a clean re-install of the system, including formatting the HD. Works fine.

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