Networking System 7.1 and System 9.x

Have you ever tried to connect to a System 9.x Mac from a System 7.1 Mac and the incredibly useful "divide by zero" dialog box appears, forcing you to restart?

Me too. Here's my setup:
SE/30, 32 MB ram running System 7.1 with SU 3.0
iMac DV 400, 384 MB ram running System 9.1

I could connect to SE/30 from the iMac.
But when I tried to connect to the iMac from the SE/30, Wham! divide by zero error (crash and resatrt).

After perusing Apple's Support Pages for an hour one evening, I discovered the solution: install AppleShare Workstation 3.5.

Oh, just to make sure that my problem wasn't a corrupt System, I did a clean install of System 7.1 (and only 7.1; nothing else, not even SU 3.0); it crashed. Installed SU 3.0 (and only 3.0) and that crashed, too. So, I know that System 7.1 default network support is not really compatable with System 9.0 and 9.1. I haven't gotten around to installing Jaguar on my iMac yet, so I may have yet another update.

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