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On to the Mac stuff......

I have some original material here. But, since there are already so many good Mac pages out there, most of the items on this page are links to other excellent Mac sites.

The Orignial Material part

Opening Compact Macs - like the Plus or SE/30.

FreePPP 1.0.5 and System 7.1 - yes, it is possible to set this up reliably.

My Internet Quickstart Guide - goes with the FreePPP 1.0.5 information above.

Stuffit Expander 5 and System 7.1 - yes, this works too.

PC Exchange Preferences - You can download a prefs file for PC Exchange that has all the type-creator codes that you'll probably ever need.

Where to get 400K and 800K disks

Successfully connecting a System 7.1 Mac to a System 9.1 Mac - Basic System 7.1 networking is not really compatable with System 9.x

The Excellent Mac Sites part

To paraphrase Red Green, if you can't find what you're looking for at one of these sites, you're not trying :-)

[Sites with Everything] [Internet and Networking] [Drives and Drivers]
[System Software] [Programming Languages] [Mac Mailing Lists]

Sites with Everything
Jag's House - Get your b&w Mac online, other tips and tools for ancient Macs (note: JAG has almost anything you need for your Mac and new stuff is added all the time. It's well worth the trip.)

Matti Haveri's 68000 FAQ - Lots of good 68000 stuff. Want to know what applications will run on 68000 Macs? They're listed on this page.

Low End Mac - Actually, this site covers every Mac and Mac clone ever made, from the Lisa to the G5

Resources for the Older Mac - Links, links and more links to all sorts of old mac info (some of the links are duplicates of ones I have listed). While you're there, check out his other Mac pages - the links are all the way at the bottom.

Pure Mac - Lots of Mac applications, sorted by function. You can even search this site to find a particular application.

Ultimate MAC

System 6 Haven

The Compact Mac/Vintage Mac FAQ - there is a lot of great information here.

The Mac 512 - Excellent coverage of Macs (unfortunately they were forced to stop providing older System Software :-(

Internet and Networking
Matti Haveri's Internet FAQ - LOTS of good info about setting up a Mac for net use.

Internet Starter Kit for the Mac, 3rd edn - Adam Engst's entire book is available online. It is an excellent resource for getting older Macs on the net.

The Mac SE support pages In addition to useful SE information, they also have a good download section for Brosers for older Macs.

The famous Three Macs and a Printer networking site

Drives and Drivers
Patching Apple HDSC - Do you have a non-Apple hard drive? You CAN use Apple's HDSC to format and partition ALL SCSI hard drives using this patch. (It works, I've used it on several drives.)

The Mac Driver Museum - Need a Zip 4.2 driver, or an ethernet adapter driver? Check here first; chances are you'll find it here.

System Software
Gamba's System Software Download sites - Actually, this link takes you to Gamba's main page. His site has a listing of where to download every free Mac System, how to downsize System 7.5 to be like System 7.1, and much more.

Macintosh System Downloads at Lowendmac

Programming Languages
Mops - Mops is a powerful, free OOP programming language. It comes with excellent documentation and is a great language for beginners. It even works on a Plus! Main Mops FTP site - (Alternate site - May not have the current version yet)
Pocket Forth - a small forth "complier" that takes up something like 50k (yes that's a 5-0-k)
Apple's Developer Tools site - I like Apple's MPW programming environment. The assemblers, compilers, libraries and documentation are free. If you want to download MPW, it's easier to get it from Apple's FTP site than to wade through the web site.

Mac Mailing Lists
Lowendmac Mail Lists - Lowendmac sponsors several e-mail lists for users of almost every Mac. Do you use Linux on your Mac (or want to)? They even have a Linux mail list. All their lists are available as either individual messages or digests. They also link to several other Mac mail lists.

Well, that's all I have for now. Thanks for looking around. Happy Macing!

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